J.A.P. is on hold

Hi all,

We’re sorry to announce that our first and hearted project – Just A Platformer, is held. We cannot finalize it as now because of lack of experience in Level Design. It’s so hard for us to achieve our friends’ feeling.

We studied about the game ‘smooth’, it does require a MASTER level game designer.

We studied about the complexity of the “simple” Mario, and the cost of the “simple” game as Mario is VERY EXPENSIVE.

We improved a bit about Unity platform coding.

We promise about the come back, but we cannot tell how much experience we need for this “simple” game, we cannot tell the come back date.

We’re sorry to set this project status to ON HOLD today.

Thanks & Best regards.


Mini update of J.A.P.

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

In the year of pig 2019, wish you guys have a fullfil life of health and peace so that we have much time to focus on our achievements. Be strong and move on!!!

One week after the first beta release, we focus on fixing bugs, coding as suggestions, and adding more side features (sound and music). Please just don’t be angry, we’re working for more maps and the first boss right now! Soon it will available for all of you!!!

We please to announce the second release of this beta, V0.6

This release to prove that we do listen! And will keep listening all of your comments. Feel free to throw your comments to us at this site, facebook page or my email.

Now, let update at: