Just A Platformer

A game for skillful / hardcore players.

A simple platformer game focus on surprising players with a wide range of traps.

Just A Platformer (J.A.P.) is a very simple platform game with a colorful ui and retro controller buttons.

Screenshot_20190210-012645_Just A Platformer

Where you roam around a big level to find the key to open the door for next level.

All levels are designed to surprise players by traps. Ton of traps are waiting for you to explore.

Screenshot_20190210-005251_Just A Platformer

Don’t afraid to expore the new/dangerous place, we provide lot of lives for your survival.

This is now (since Feb 4 2019) just a beta release with 3 maps only. But inside, 83 traps are waiting to surprise you.

Screenshot_20190210-005214_Just A Platformer

Try and let’s us know what you feel, what you want next?

Download it at:


We’re here to listen & improve.

Thanks & Best regards.

UPDATE Feb 10 2019: change screenshots to V0.6

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