Hi! Our first milestone of 2019 is accomplished.

Hi, this is Luke here.

Today is the last day of 2018 in Lunar Calendar, the deadline of our words: release a beta of first game before 2019 Lunar Calendar.

Welcome to Just A Platformer ! A platform game of TRAPS!

J.A.P. is designed for Skillful / Hardcore players. Dare you try?

This first beta release contains a few levels only, but it’s enough to present our ideas:

  • Roaming around the wild
    In game meaning: no map selection, it will randomly come to you.
  • where traps are waiting to hurt you.
    In game meaning: yap, tons of traps!!!
  • You don’t know the final goal, yet,
    In game meaning: no boss yet, no story yet
  • but you know you have challenges
    In game meaning: where is the key?
  • and you have to accomplish it , everyday!
    In game meaning: you have to jump, you have to get to the door! everyday 😉 

For this first release, we want to gift you some codes which will immediately unlock 10 more maps (in the next release) IF you are one of first 100 players who reached all 18 checkpoints.

Download it here:


Best regards & HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!



học sống

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